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Anadrol Raw Powder Factory Directly Supply Oxymetholone Oral Steroid CAS 434-07-1

Anadrol Raw Powder Factory Directly Supply Oxymetholone Oral Steroid CAS 434-07-1

  • Anadrol Raw Powder Factory Directly Supply Oxymetholone Oral Steroid CAS 434-07-1
  • Anadrol Raw Powder Factory Directly Supply Oxymetholone Oral Steroid CAS 434-07-1
Anadrol Raw Powder Factory Directly Supply Oxymetholone Oral Steroid CAS 434-07-1
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: XIONGYU
Certification: GMP , ISO9001
Model Number: 434-07-1
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10g
Price: 40 USD
Packaging Details: Aluminum Foil Bag
Delivery Time: Within 10 Working Days
Payment Terms: Bank Transafer, Western Union, Moneygram , Bitcoin
Supply Ability: 2000 KG/Month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Oxymetholone Other Name: Anadrol
CAS: 434-07-1 Assay: 99.92%
Appearance: White Crystalline Powder
High Light:

bodybuilding oral steroids


anabolic steroids oral


Oxymetholone  Anadrol



Quick Detail:

Product Name: Oxymetholone

Alias: Anadrol
CAS No: 434-07-1
MF: C21H32O3
MW: 332.482
Einecs No: 207-098-6
Appearance: White crystalline powder



Anadrol Raw Powder Factory Directly Supply Oxymetholone Oral Steroid CAS 434-07-1 0



The effect of Anadrol on the body:
Anadrol is both good and bad for the human body. It is a compound derived from DHT and also belongs to the 17-aa steroids. The change in the 17th carbon chain can make it resistant to oral digestion. Most oral steroids are 17-aa steroids, which allows them to pass smoothly through the liver in a useful form. Sounds great! Come, come and get all the medicines 17-aa! But as you can imagine, doing so has side effects.


Anadrol side effects:
17-aa steroids can pass through the liver in oral form, but this also puts a lot of stress on the liver. What is the toxicity of Anadrol and the efficacy of weight gain? There was a 30-week experiment, and it is conceivable that there are side effects. The side effects of Anadrol have never been the focus of the debate. So how effective is it? First of all, we want to point out that the experimental samples are all AIDS patients who have lost a lot of weight. Those who used Anadrol gained more than eight kilograms of weight, and their mental state has also greatly improved. Patients in the control group continued to lose weight. If you're a terminally ill patient, you definitely don't want to be in the control group in an experiment like this. Weight gain in the experiment peaked at 19-20 weeks, with minimal progress for the remaining ten weeks. Considering the strong liver toxicity of Anadrol, we generally do not reach 30 weeks when doing C. It is generally recommended to use it for four weeks, and those with strong tolerance can consider it for six weeks or even longer.

From my personal experience, the weight gain and muscle gain effect of Anadrol C in the first three weeks is very exaggerated, and then quickly stabilized. Its side effects lasted throughout the cycle and included headaches, edema, increased blood pressure, and a general feeling of discomfort. As with any drug, there is some fact and some myth about the side effects of Anadrol. Anadrol is derived from DHT. It cannot be converted into estrogen by aromatase. It is not a progesterone or a compound with a similar function to progesterone. The reason for its estrogenization is still a mystery. Some people speculate that it may be anadrol Stimulating estrogen receptors without turning into estrogen is pretty much the most convincing claim I've ever heard, but it's weird that Anadrol has been used in research to alter female reproductive/menstrual cycles, The result is that it lowers plasma progesterone levels. People feel that aromatase inhibitors on Anadrol do not help with Anadrol's side effects, but many users find that Letrozole (which in some cases lowers estrogen in the body to barely detectable levels) can significantly Reduce or even eliminate many side effects of Anadrol including edema.

There is nothing to say about the toxicity of Anadrol, but it can still be avoided and controlled. Studies have shown that there are almost no side effects at a dose of 100 mg. Dan Duchaine in the UnderGround Steroid Hand Book says he used to take 150mg a day. Obviously, the liver toxicity of Anadrol has been exaggerated, but for health reasons, it is recommended that the cycle of use should not exceed six weeks.


How to use Anadrol?
I would mix Anadrol with injectable steroids, but no other 17-aa compounds. Taking Anadrol as a starter for the first six weeks of a C will allow for quick and massive gains, a pound a day for the first two weeks is possible. Weight gain after stopping the drug always tends to go away quickly, and you'll want to pair it with other medications. Using Anadrol to start a cycle is arguably the most popular in the sports world. Anadrol is also very popular in the strength field, especially those who don’t have to worry about level throwing athletes, Hercules and big level powerlifters, etc. A study by Schroder et. Al showed that Anadrol can reduce the concentration of SHBG Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), which binds free testosterone in the body, resulting in insufficient testosterone in the body for anabolism and other functions . This function of Anadrol ensures that the user has more free testosterone in the body, and when superimposed with other steroids, it will produce a stronger synergistic effect, greatly increasing strength and muscle.

Another important but seldom reported property of Anadrol is that it hardly binds to the androgen receptor, simply put it can greatly intensify any enlargement of C, because Anadrol does not compete with other steroids for the position of the receptor. Anadrol is generally not used when doing the state.


Anadrol C:
What does an Anadrol C look like? How much should be used? This is one of the funniest things about Anadrol. Most steroids have a "dose-response curve", which means that the more you use, the more you grow.

The dose-response curve of Anadrol soon became straight, that is to say, the effect change was no longer obvious when the dose rose to a certain level. 50 mg works well, 100 mg is even better. But there is no difference in weight gain between 100 mg and 150 mg, and of course, small doses have fewer side effects such as liver toxicity. In the range of 50-100mg the benefit/risk is acceptable, over 100mg is too dangerous.

In one experiment, a group used a placebo, a group of 50 mg of anadrol per day, and a group of 100 mg of anadrol per day, and the ultimate strength was measured after 12 weeks. It turns out that doubling the amount of Anadrol also nearly doubles the boosting effect. However, the effect on fat loss and muscle gain is not much more obvious than that of low-dose Anadrol.

High doses of Anadrol can suppress appetite, making it difficult to eat more food, and the development of insulin resistance and glucose intolerance can reduce the efficiency of nutrient absorption. Doses above 100 mg per day even decreased growth. Anadrol also suppresses natural hormone secretion, although not as much as most injections. Anadrol also has a milder effect on blood lipids than many steroids.

Interesting point: some medical literature recommends a dose of 1-5 mg per kg of body weight, and you can do the math and see that's a lot.


Anadrol C
C with Anadrol is one of the most common Cs in the sports world, but like any drug, you need instruction on how to use it to get the results you want. Anadrol is mainly used for non-seasonal increase in size and strength. Basically only competitive bodybuilders will use Anadrol during the season, and some hardcore fitness enthusiasts will do so, but the short-term effects are not worth it to them.

Anadrol C:
Anadrol is generally used in front of the entire C as a starting drug in the off-season, because it works quickly and can synergize with other drugs to produce a stronger anabolic effect.

For most people, a dose of 50 mg per day is sufficient. More experienced people will increase this to 100 mg per day, but beginners should definitely start with a lower dose. As long as there is enough food, both 50mg and 100mg can bring about astonishing improvements, and 50mg per day for a month to gain 20 pounds is not a dream.

Generally speaking, Anadrol C will last for four to six weeks. As a short-acting drug, Anadrol must be used for a period of time before stopping. Once the four to six weeks are up, you continue on the other steroids in C. The dosage of Anadrol also affects the post-discontinuation period. People who use more than 100 mg per day will find that the progress is no longer obvious, and the loss of appetite will also make it very difficult to increase the circumference.
Season Anadrol C:
Bodybuilders can also use Anadrol before the competition. Unlike the off-season, Anadrol will appear in the second half of C at this stage, a short period of time before the competition. The principle is simple, Anadrol can make the muscles look rounder and fuller on the stage. It should be pointed out that athletes must have experience with Anadrol and know how their body reacts before doing so. Anadrol can cause serious water retention, which is the last thing you want to see before a game. But if you know how to control this steroid, are already in great shape and are on a good aromatase inhibitor, Anadrol can do you a lot of good.

For most people, 50 mg per day for four weeks before the competition is enough. The most important point is that you have already been in a good state. If you fail to complete the fat loss plan on time, then give up this method and continue Going down the result will be very bad, you can't get good grades.
Dosage of Anadrol
Using any steroid is not as simple as buying it or injecting it, you need to know the dosage that can safely achieve your intended goal. With all the conflicting opinions floating around the internet and in the gym, it's hard to know what to do. But Anadrol is one of the easier steroids to figure out the dose of, it's almost always a 50mg tablet, most people get just one tablet a day, sometimes less.

The standard for most athletes, novices and veterans alike, is 50 mg per day, and it can give you 20 to 30 pounds of weight gain in three to four weeks.


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