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Follistatin 344 Strongest Local Muscle Growth Peptides 99.91% Follistatin 344 Activin Binding Protein

Follistatin 344 Strongest Local Muscle Growth Peptides 99.91% Follistatin 344 Activin Binding Protein

  • Follistatin 344 Strongest Local Muscle Growth Peptides 99.91% Follistatin 344 Activin Binding Protein
  • Follistatin 344 Strongest Local Muscle Growth Peptides 99.91% Follistatin 344 Activin Binding Protein
  • Follistatin 344 Strongest Local Muscle Growth Peptides 99.91% Follistatin 344 Activin Binding Protein
Follistatin 344 Strongest Local Muscle Growth Peptides 99.91% Follistatin 344 Activin Binding Protein
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Product Name: Follistatin 344 Specification: 1mg/vial
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Activin Binding Protein Follistatin 344


Follistatin 344 Muscle Growth Peptides


Follistatin 344

Basic Details:
Product Name : Follistatin 344
Specification : 1mg/vial
Purity : 99.1%

Appearance : white powder



Follistatin 344 Strongest Local Muscle Growth Peptides 99.91% Follistatin 344 Activin Binding Protein 0




Follistatin (follistatin) is known as an autocrine activator-binding glycoprotein that produces almost all body tissues. Myostatin is the greatest enemy of bodybuilders. Follistatin can act by binding and inhibiting myostatin, which is responsible for regulating and limiting muscle growth, so as to directly counter myostatin and make muscles grow significantly. Most powerful local growth in the peptide family. The price is also the highest.



First of all, we need to know what is myostatin?

Myostatin (myostatin), this kind of statin can be found in the living body. The good effect of this kind of thing is that the muscle will not grow without limit, so when there is a famine, it will not be consumed by too much muscle and need more energy. food to support these.

However, there is a creature in nature whose muscles grow crazily because there is no such inhibin in the body. This creature is the Belgian blue cattle. Obviously they are only herbivores, but the fat content of this kind of cattle is extremely low. Muscles can grow like crazy. The Belgian blue cow is not a breed of any genetic technology, but a naturally growing creature

Myostatin is a protein that limits tissue muscle growth. Molecular signals between cell types such as myostatin. The predecessor of myostatin is called growth and differentiation factor 8.

It is made by muscle cells and is carried through the bloodstream to other muscle cells, where it attaches to special receptors on their cell membranes. Although the exact mechanism is unclear, myostatin has the ability to limit the development and growth of muscle stem cells.




In 1997, geneticists "McPherron" and "Se-Jin Lee" discovered myostatin while creating "mighty mice". The mice lacked a specific gene so they couldn't produce myostatin and had muscles more than twice the size of normal mice. Some researchers commented that they looked like "Schwarzenegger mice".


Genes related to myostatin have been identified in humans, mice and zebrafish. Certain types of livestock have also been selectively made deficient in the myostatin gene in order to increase their size.


In 2001, "Se-Jin Lee" could already make mice grow large muscles, but inserting mutations in the complete myostatin gene caused the release of myostatin-inhibiting substances.

In 2004, a German boy was found to have two mutated copies of the myostatin gene, meaning his body was unusually large. Researchers have begun looking for ways to suppress myostatin production in a wider variety of livestock. But it also raises questions about bioethics.


Low concentrations of myostatin in the blood contribute to growth in young animals. Hormone-induced decrease in myostatin release. When the animal reaches adulthood, myostatin production returns to full. The discovery of somatostatin also raises questions about similar messengers, and their links to other types of genes, such as brain tissue. Myostatin control is currently used as a method to combat malnutrition.



So what is Follistatin 344 ?

The simple answer is that it is a peptide product that can increase the training effect geometrically. The hormone in the non-essential amino acid cysteine, which binds to myostatins in the blood and inhibits their activity.

Follistatin is part of the inhibin-activin-follistatin axis. Despite the ubiquity of FS, its highest concentrations have been found in the female ovary, followed by the skin.

The activin-binding protein follistatin is produced by follicular (FS) cells of the anterior pituitary. FS cells make numerous contacts with classical endocrine cells of the anterior pituitary, including gonadotropins.

In tissues, activin has a powerful role in cell proliferation, making follistatin a protection against uncontrolled cell proliferation and also enabling it to function as a tool for cell differentiation. Both roles are critical in tissue remodeling and repair, and may account for the high presence of follistatin in the skin.

For those of you who don't know what myostatin is, their main purpose is to stop rapid muscle growth. Basically, Follistatin 344 blocks the muscle growth blocking agents in the system. It is worth pointing out that myostatin may have a regulatory role in skeletal muscle fibrosis; too much myostatin can impair tissue function and lead to chronic disease in vital organs, tissues and bone marrow.

In fact, the correct dosage of Follistatin 344 can almost completely eliminate myostatin production in the body. Some people have been reported to gain as much as 1-2 pounds of lean muscle mass per day by using Follistatins.


When the scientists bred a mouse that did not produce myostatin and extra follistatin, it had 117 percent more muscle fibers and 73 percent more total muscle fibers than control mice. This study demonstrates that the positive effects of follistatin on muscle growth go beyond the inhibition of myostatin. The myostatin-inhibited mice had twice the muscle mass, but the mice with the follistatin transgene and the myostatin-inhibited mice had four times the muscle mass compared to the control group.

In addition to inhibiting the degenerative properties of myostatin, follistatin also inhibits pituitary gland synthesis and secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). High FSH levels in men may indicate that the testicles are not functioning properly; this condition limits muscle growth, recovery, and normal hormonal function. However, low FSH levels can also negatively affect health and fertility.


FST 344 is without a doubt the greatest member of the peptide family! This member of the peptide family can undoubtedly make you grow like a superman. This is not a movie, let alone a science fiction. This is the crystallization of today's science!


When we build muscle, no matter what we use, the muscle growth will always reach a limit under the control of human genes. After reaching this limit, we will not be able to grow. Even after using steroids, this barrier will still exist.




Follistatin-344 significantly increases muscle growth and muscle strength (by blocking the Moystatin activity) - it promotes hyperplasia (growth of new muscle cells) as well as active hypertrophy (increase in cell size).

Follistatin-344 exhibits a potent anabolic activity (yet without concomitant androgenic activity). Taking Follistatin-344 results in muscular

hyperplasia (growth of new muscle fibres) and active hypertrophy (increase in size of existing muscle fibres)

Follistatin-344 has a strong ability to keep sportsmen in shape and maintain their muscle mass even when they stopped exercising

Follistatin-344 significantly increases performance

Follistatin-344 exhibits a potent anti-aging effect, with a significant impact on rejuvenation of all body tissues

Follistatin-344 promotes body´s fat burning


Follistatin 344 / FST promote muscle growth due to the unique mechanism of action, FST joint use of steroids, IGF has better results. It only acts on muscle tissue , after use will not cause the proliferation of other tissue cells.

Follistatin 344 / FST works by binding to and inhibiting transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) peptides such as myostatin which is responsible for regulating and limiting muscle growth.



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