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Human Growth Hormone Peptides Mgf for Bodybuilding , GMP Standard

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China Suzhou Excellentbiotech Co.,Ltd certification
China Suzhou Excellentbiotech Co.,Ltd certification
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Human Growth Hormone Peptides Mgf for Bodybuilding , GMP Standard

Human Growth Hormone Peptides Mgf for Bodybuilding , GMP Standard
Human Growth Hormone Peptides Mgf for Bodybuilding , GMP Standard Human Growth Hormone Peptides Mgf for Bodybuilding , GMP Standard Human Growth Hormone Peptides Mgf for Bodybuilding , GMP Standard Human Growth Hormone Peptides Mgf for Bodybuilding , GMP Standard

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: Wuhan
Brand Name: Excellentbiotech
Certification: SGS,ISO9001,UKAS
Model Number: 51022-70-9
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10g
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Discreet ways of packing for customs guaranteed
Delivery Time: Within 8hours after confirmation of your payment
Payment Terms: , , T/T, D/P
Supply Ability: T/T, , ,Bitcoin,Paypal
Detailed Product Description
Usage: Pharmaceutical Material Assay: 99%
MW: 2848.13 Appearance: White Or Almost White Crystalline Powder
Storage: Store Peptide In DRY Form At 0-5°C Shipping: FedEx, DHL, EMS, TNT, HK EMS, Eub, Etk
High Light:

muscle gain steroids


muscle building anabolic steroids

Product Name: MGF (2mg/vial)

Mgf CAS:51022-70-9
Mgf MW:2848.13
Mgf Solubility:Insoluble in water. Dissolve peptide in 50-100 µl of 60% Acetonitrile in water or DMSO, then dilute with any desired buffer.
Mgf Storage:Store peptide in DRY form at 0-5°C.
Mgf Appearance: White powder
Mgf Content: The contents of this vial have been accurately determined to contain 100µg of NET peptide.
Mgf Purity(HPLC):≥99%
Mgf Key words:MGF Mechano muscle bodybuilding polypeptide healthcare



MGF Description

What makes MGF special is its unique role in muscle growth. MGF has the ability to cause wasted tissue to grow and improve itself by activating muscle stem cells and increasing the upregulation of protein synthesis, this unique ability can rapidly improve recovery and speed up muscle growth.

MGF is a splice variant of the IGF gene which increases stem cell count in the muscle and allows for muscle fibers to fuse and mature. This is a process required for growth of adult muscle. Natural MGF is made locally and does not travel into the bloodstream. Synthetic MGF is water based and when administered intramuscularly, travels into the bloodstream. MGF is only stable in the blood stream for only a few minutes.


MGF Usage:

Mgf is a hormone that is produced in muscle tissue of animals when the muscles are trained. This chemical is considered to be an isoform . This spliced variant shares the mature region with IGF-1 but has a different E domain. The C-terminal sequence between these two chemicals shows a distinct variant that allows researchers to differentiate between the two bodies.

By PEGylating the MGF we can make synthetic MGF injected IM almost as efficient as local produced MGF. Clinically proven Advanced Pegylation, the technology of polyethylene glycol (PEG) conjugation, holds significant promise in maintaining effective plasma concentrations of systemically administered drugs.

Mgf is associated with promoting healing in the muscles of animal subjects after they have been damaged. In a natural setting, the chemical can stimulate the stem and satellite cells in addition to the necessary anabolic processes to promote the growth of new tissue or muscle fibers by tissues that were not damaged.
It is believed that mgf and are central to the regrowth of muscle and the primary anabolic mechanism used to create new tissue.

MGF Dosage

100-300mcg of MGF divided into 1-2 bilateral administrations in 2-5 different areas of the muscles approximately 5-7 days a week - intramuscular injections.

Example, if you want to administer 200mcg of MGF into the chest and biceps muscles 2 times a day and 3 different areas of the muscle then you would need to divided the dose as follows:

200mcg / 2 times per day = 100mcg per administration
100mcg per administration / 4 muscles (2 chest and 2 bicep muscles) = 25mcg per muscle
25mcg per muscle / 3 different locations on each muscle = 8.3mcg per injection

Theoreticall, the more locations used to administer the MGF into the muscle the more places for muscle growth.



GH Peptides series


T-A001 MGF 2mg(2-8ºC)
T-A002 PEG MGF 2mg
T-A003 CJC-1295 with DAC 2mg
T-A004 CJC-1295 without DAC 2mg
T-A005 PT-141 10mg
T-A006 MT-1(Melanotan-1) 10mg
T-A007 MT-2(Melanotan-2) 10mg
T-A008 GHRP-2 5mg
T-A008 GHRP-2 10mg
T-A009 GHRP-6 5mg
T-A009 GHRP-6 10mg
T-A0010 Ipamorelin 2mg
T-A0011 Hexarelin 2mg
T-A0012 Sermorelin 2mg
T-A0013 Oxytocin 1g/2mg
T-A0014 TB500 2mg
T-A0015 pentadecapeptide BPC 157 2mg
T-A0016 GH 176-191 2mg
T-A0017 Triptorelin 2mg
T-A0018 Tesamorelin 2mgHIV
T-A0020 Gonadorelin 2mg
T-A0020 Gonadorelin 10mg
T-A0021 DSIP 2mg
T-A0022 Selank 5mg
T-A0023 Epitalon 10mg
T-A0024 AOD-9604 2mg
T-A0025 ACE 031 1mg
T-A0026 GDF-8 1mg(-20ºC)
T-A0027 Thyrotropin TRH 1g
T-A0028 Follistatin 315 1mg(-20ºC)
T-A0029 Follistatin 344 1mg(-20ºC)
T-A0030 Deslorelin 20mg
T-A0031 Adipotide 2mg
T-A0032 Argireline 1g
T-A0033 nonapeptide-1 1g




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